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Non-Diet Approach

Does the word "diet" make you hungry?  

Then, the non-diet approach to may be for you.

Losing weight by will power requires tremendous ongoing motivation and support.  There is another way, and it does not tire out will power, in fact, it strengthens it.

Rather than fight cravings, discover a new alternative. 

Not my might, but by mind, using recognition, self compassion, and interoception (ability to feel the body's signals) combined with updated guidelines for nutrition, soften and transform the rigid negative yo yo cycles of restriction/no restriction with eating, etc.  

Call Lea for a free consultation today about all the services we offer, including a non-diet approach.

Find peace with food!


"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." - Albert Einstein 

Lea completed  the "Am I Hungry" training for Wellcoaches with Michelle May, MD in 2012 and Acceptance and Commitment Training for Coaches with Joseph Carriochi, PhD., author of The Weight Escape.  She completed basic certification in 2010 and professional certification with WellCoaches in 2012.  She has coached hundreds of patients at the center over the past 15 years.